Our lab focuses on the development and applications of novel optical microscopy techniques for biomedical imaging.

Recent Research Highlights

figure for Imaging through complex media

Imaging through complex media

Adaptive optics is used to improve imaging through an aberrating phase screen or to control spectral decorrelation through a scattering medium.

figure for Imaging through a single optical fiber

Imaging through a single optical fiber

We demonstrate a method of imaging luminous or self-luminous objects through a single optical fiber. The method features high throughput, contains no moving parts, and is insensitive to fiber bending.

figure for Oblique back-illumination microscopy

Oblique back-illumination microscopy

OBM provides DIC-like phase contrast in arbitrarily thick tissue. The technique is simple, fast (video rate), and can be implemented in an endoscope configuration.


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Boston, MA 02215
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Boston University
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Jerome Mertz


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A rigorous and comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of optical microscopy. Includes classical and modern techniques such as holographic, two-photon, and coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering microscopy.

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